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29 April 2020

New application form to request use of demand printed labels for specialist service referred samples

This form is online so it's easier for you to notify us

29 April 2020

Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

Updates from SHOT

29 April 2020

Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics user guide with information for sending samples

Latest information for sending samples

29 April 2020

Progress of National Comparative Audit audit reports

Progress to date

09 April 2020

9 April update - ABOi titre investigations are NOT changing from 4 May 2020

For reasons relating to COVID-19, standardising ABOi titre methodology has been put on hold. RCI will advise you when it is going ahead.

26 March 2020

Do you want to take our blood centre tour?

There's no need to book and wait for a face-to-face tour

26 March 2020

Referring urgent samples to RCI where you require results in less than 5 working days

Please telephone your RCI laboratory to alert them

26 March 2020

Please destroy copies of the 'Will my child need a plasma transfusion?' patient information leaflet

This leaflet is being withdrawn

27 February 2020

Update on our preparations for UK plasma self-sufficiency

Moving towards domestic plasma component self-sufficiency

27 February 2020

Improved despatch note to confirm the cold chain, in use from 30 March

Now includes the temperature control details, the type of transport box used and allows for an electronic signature