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7 April: Our adjusted service provision over the April bank holiday.

We have sufficient stocks to supply to your needs

Service provision; red cell and platelet stock levels

Non clinical issue for research purposes


We endeavour to minimise waste and process failure in the clinical supply chain however, inevitably there is donated material that is surplus to clinical requirement or unsuitable for therapeutic use.

We are in a unique position to supply this donated material for its own research and development, also to the NHS and to authorised external organisations for specific uses. Non Clinical Issue (NCI) operates on a cost recovery basis, We do not charge for material provided but recovers the costs of making this available. All income is used for the benefit of NHSBT.

Donor consent procedure

The donor consent procedure includes using donated material for:

  • Invitro diagnostic tests & laboratory quality control including EQA schemes
  • Training and education
  • Product/service development of reagents, biochemical assays, new components and procedures
  • Ethically approved research


Donated material

Donated material shall only be made available to authorised users for specific, approved uses:

All requests to set up a supply of donated bio-material for non clinical use will be considered on a case by case basis to ensure the intended use is appropriate and that:

  • There are no implications for donor health and welfare
  • The supply of material does not impact the clinical supply chain
  • That ethical approval is obtained where appropriate
  • Donors cannot be identified by or linked to a supplied component


Material is available from:

  • Blood and blood components
  • Tissue Services
  • Therapeutic Apheresis Services
  • Cord blood and placenta tissue
  • Anti coagulated/frozen small volume samples
  • HPC (Haemopoietic progenitor cells - Apheresis / Bone Marrow / Cord blood)
  • TC-T (Therapeutic Cells -T cells)
  • HLA, HPA and HNA Ab +ve and –ve sera (EQA scheme use only)


Email nciadmin@nhsbt.nhs.uk