Transfusion Lab Managers - please take part in our audit to ensure we continue to supply to your need

'Where does blood go?': a National Comparative Audit

28 July 2023

As you’ll know, last year we moved into the amber phase (meaning reduced availability of blood for a short or a prolonged period impacting on clinical activity) for and at times, were close to moving into the red phase (severe, prolonged shortages impacting on clinical activity).

So now, we are running a survey to get critical information we need (the last time we gathered this data was in 2014), to continue to supply to your needs. This is important work for a sustainable future, which relies on the participation of you all. 

Additionally, understanding where blood components are used in your hospital means you will be able benchmark against national data, which could help to support strategic staffing requests and business cases in your own hospital.

The National Comparative Audit in Blood Transfusion has sent out emails so that you can sign up (the deadline is 30 September) to this important survey.  Thank you for doing this as we know laboratories are under increasing pressure.

Lise Estcourt - Clinical Lead for the National Comparative Audit in Blood Transfusion