Audit activity and submitting proposals

Submitting proposals

Proposals are to be agreed by your Regional Transfusion Committee (RTC) and your  Patient Blood Management Practioner, then email the audit manager ( to progress. 

Regional audit activity

The Patient Blood Management (PBM) team is supported by the National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) to run audits, and Regional Transfusion Committees (RTCs) may conduct an audit.

Hospitals participating in audits provide data online; the platform we use complies with data collection security requirements.

Where possible, we investigate results in terms of compliance to and deviation from audit standards, relating to the recommended uses of blood components.

In some cases, standards may not exist and audits are conducted in order to establish a data baseline which can then be used to develop more robust standards for future audits.

The reports we produce for hospitals may present results using a bench marking approach, so hospitals can compare themselves with others in the same region. Usually, results are anonymised with regard to data, so hospitals can only identify themselves.

The audit manager is:
Barnsley Blood Centre, Unit D, Capitol Way, Dodworth, Barnsley S75 3FG