Audit activity and submitting proposals

Submitting proposals

We welcome your proposals. After submitting your proposal the RTC audit manager will contact you to discuss the next steps.


Regional Audit Activity

The Patient Blood Management (PBM) team are supported by the National Blood Transfusion Committee to offer a programme of regional audits. Geographically, this activity is based around the ten Regional Transfusion Committees (RTCs). RTCs can submit audits for consideration on an individual basis or may, from time to time, join up to conduct an audit in more than one region.

Once a project has been decided it is submitted to the Executive Working Group. This group considers the merits of each project and is the same group that oversees the National Comparative Audit programme. Some RTCs elect to conduct audits on their own account. In most cases the RTC audit manager will provide support in the form of:

  • Data collection tool design
  • Online or paper methods for data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Report collation

For most audits online data collection is the preferred option.

Where possible, results from audits are investigated in terms of compliance to and deviation from audit standards. The standards themselves usually relate to recommended uses of blood components and are compiled by experts in the field. In some cases, comprehensive standards may not exist and audits are conducted to establish a data baseline which can be used to help formulate more robust standards that can be used in further audits.

Feedback on audits is provided to our customer base as a main report and often accompanied by presentations. Individualised hospital reports may present results using a bench marking approach, so hospitals can compare themselves with others in the same region. Usually results are anonymised with regard to bench marking data so hospitals can only identify themselves.

RTC audits are managed by:

Brian Hockley
Data Analyst and Audit Manager
Sheffield Blood Centre
Longley Lane
S5 7JN
Tel - 01143584836
Mob - 07764280404