Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is the mid-year survey for 2023/24 and reflects the views of hospital transfusion laboratory managers at 167 (70%) directly supplied hospitals in England.

We received the highest response rate to this survey from hospitals since 2019

We asked hospitals to comment on our services for the previous six months. During that period blood supply returned to Green status (where supply meets demand) for most component stocks, and there was a partial closure of the Southampton centre

The results in detail

We're committed to acting on what the lab managers said: here's our action plans

What the Lab Managers said about Components

Barcodes on the units are sometimes close together and if they are not on the bag flush we can have problems at times scanning them.

What we're doing

We're running a workshop to identify how we can improve quality checking procedures to ensure component labelling is suitable for hospitals.

What the Lab Managers said about Delivery

I would like a review of delivery times.

Deliveries generally good. Would be nice to have 2 deliveries a day to northern site. 

Delivery by FedEx are usually very slow and not predictable. always delays, additionally, drivers do not know the hospital so they are found wandering around without directions.

Some courier services not quite as good. 

What we're doing

We’re continuing to review the routine delivery schedules from all centres, taking into consideration changes requested by customers. 

We’re continually reviewing our delivery instructions in collaboration with hospitals to support our courier deliveries.

What the Lab Managers said about RCI reporting

I would really like to be able to have a connection with our LIMS to Sp-ICE so that we don't have to be manually putting in RCI / IBGRL reports but this may come with our new LIMS?

Please speed up electronic reporting of RCI reports, rather than retype them on our LIMS.

Greater electronic integration with hospital LIMS - eg results from referral labs or automatic electronic ordering of blood components.

What we're doing

We are working with LIMS providers to identify possible solutions for electronic requesting initially and this discovery work may extend to include reporting for RCI tests.

What the Lab Managers said about RCI turnaround time

Turnaround times are sometimes an issue.

Turn about time has been poorer then previously.

What we're doing

RCI remote interpretation is being piloted. The aim is to provide faster results and transfusion support; to participate in the pilot please contact your RCI department.

New automated platforms will be introduced across all RCI sites by July 2024, which will reduce downtime for existing aging equipment.

What the Lab Managers said about RCI support overall

It's difficult at times as we get questioned about what we have referred. Sometimes the lab staff find it difficult to send stuff as RCI staff are quite abrupt in their refusal to test.

Informing the RCI lab of the work is difficult. RCI staff always inform how busy they are and comment on their workload.

What we're doing

The introduction of Voice Recording software is planned for 2024 to manage incoming / outgoing calls with RCI service users. 

What the Lab Managers said about ordering components

Standing orders in OBOS are complicated and cancelling them should be simplified, if possible.

The OBOS receipt system should be a pop-up next time the person who ordered logs on, to save time.

What we're doing

The OBOS user group has been reconvened to give hospitals an opportunity to influence development.

Some positive feedback from the Lab Managers 

Fabulouse customer service manager, always solves my problem  or directs me to the right person
All NHSBT drivers are friendly and helpful in our experience
Often I speak with the NHSBT consultat with any queries. Always helpful and good advice provided