Component portfolio and prices


Portfolio of blood components and guidance 

This provides details of therapeutic blood components supplied to hospitals, including constituents, and information on:

  • specifications
  • identification barcodes
  • quality standards and monitoring
  • storage and handling
  • clinical indications and contraindications
  • specialist requirements
  • dosage, administration, recognition of adverse effects
  • material safety data sheet


Transition to domestic plasma
UK sourced FFP and cryoprecipitate components for neonates and infants 

These components will start being issued to hospitals in August 2020, please update your LIMs as soon as possible.

From this date neonatal components will be manufactured to a revised specification, which will improve their quality for transfusion. The specification includes clinical implications. The component portfolio is being updated to include the specification. 

Availability of non stock and special components
SaBTO’s recommendations on vCJD risk reduction measures

NHSBT communication issued 9 September 2019 regarding the Department for Health and Social Care's (DHSC) notification of the ministerial decision to accept SaBTO’s recommendations on vCJD risk reduction measures in England, Wales and Scotland for plasma and platelet recipients born on or after 1 January 1996.