Complaints and compliments

Making a complaint

Please complete sections A and C of our complaint form (Word, 143KB)

Our complaints procedure

Reporting a pack defect

Who you need to contact depends on if you are discarding the defective units or if you want us to discard them: 

  • Customer Services - if you are discarding 
  • Hospital Services - if you want us to discard 

How to report 

Please follow this process (PDF 31KB). An accessible (text) version of this PDF is: 

Can you discard the pack(s) on site?

If yes, then: 

  1. Take a photo of the damaged component
  2. Complete a complaint form (Word, 143KB) form including the donation numbers of any contaminated units
  3. Discard the leaking / contaminated units
  4. Email a completed complaint form and the photograph to Customer Services or your customer service manager
  5. Submit a replacement order on OBOS and discuss with Hospital Services if the order is urgent
  6. Submit a credit request 

If no:

  1. Contact Hospital Services
  2. Is it a single unit?
  3. If yes go to step 4. If no, go to step 5
  4. Hospital Services will arrange a bio bottle to be sent to your blood bank
  5. If you are returning a whole transport container, please secure it and mark for the attention of Hospital Services
  6. Return the bio bottle with the complaint form or the whole transport container on your next routine round
  7. Submit a replacement order on OBOS, and discuss with Hospital Services if the order is urgent
  8. Submit a credit request

Requesting a credit 

You can request a credit after completing our complaint form.

Giving a compliment

Excellent customer service deserves appreciation but we can often take it for granted and don't think to thank the person or team who provided us with information we wanted, or helped us with a situation.

Compliments help us to know what’s good, what we should continue doing and our staff understand they're valued.

If you've had excellent service please give us a quick call on 01865 381042 or email 

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