Blood stocks

Our stock levels for red cells and platelets are published daily, Monday to Friday.

Our stocks are less than optimum at the moment, if you can help by donating please book an appointment – find out more


The stock we have available to issue today is: 

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O- 3.1 days, A- 5.4 days, B- 3.4 days, AB- 5.3 days, O+ 3.4 days, A+ 5.1 days, B+ 6.5 days, AB+ 11.5 day

We aim to maintain 6 days of stock.

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O- 1.5 days, A- 1.3 days, B- 1.1 days, AB- 1.2 days, O+ 1.1 days, A+ 1.4 days, B+ 1.6 days, AB+ 2.8 days 

We aim to maintain a minimum of 1 days' stock, except AB-

We're preparing donations today with an aim to maintain supply

Being proactive

Have you reviewed your stock in the last six months?

The Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS) recommends you periodically review your red cell and platelet stock at least once every six months to minimize time expired wastage caused by overstocking. 

Doing regular stock checks is a proactive step you can take now 

What is best practice?

Read our inventory management guide

Need help?

Email the team or contact your customer service manager. 

Learn about smarter inventory management

Our free online session includes setting appropriate stock levels and minimizing wastage, interactive component selection quizzes and scenario-based case studies.

Please register your interest by emailing with your contact details, job title and the name of the hospital you represent. 

Sessions are running throughout 2022 and 2023.

What to do if our stocks are falling

If our red cell stock falls to less than 2 days, we will notify you and ask you to refer to the red cell shortage plan.

If our platelet stock falls to 0.5 days or less, we will notify you and ask you to refer to the platelet shortage plan.

NBTC shortage plans

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