NCI products

The end point of our supply provides the starting point for organisations working in research, health development and education


Materials provided for non clinical use are appropriately-consented and the supply chain complies with all statutory and regulatory obligations including (but not limited to) the Human Tissue Act (2004) and associated Codes of Practice.


  • Extensive regulatory expertise
  • Laboratories regulated by HTA (Human Tissue Authority) and accredited by JACIE
  • MHRA licence for collection, testing and processing of blood and IMP (Investigational Medicinal Products)
  • Operational capacity from a national network of facilities governed by a single Quality Management System 

COVID components 

  • Samples - microlitres of convalescent plasma – low, medium, high titre)
  • Units of convalescent plasma - this is a restricted resource for public health facilities only 
  • Cones - peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) from convalescent plasma donors 

Blood and blood components 

  • Donor samples -  up to 5ml individual samples and deep-well microplates
  • Cone - leukocyte reduction filter from a platelet apheresis donor
  • Plasma
  • Serum - off the clot and limited resource
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Buffy coats
  • Red cells
  • Untested whole blood 

Stem cells including unprocessed cord blood

  • Fresh and frozen samples
  • Placenta and cord tissue
  • Fresh cord blood 
  • Cord blood additional processing / testing services 

Therapeutic Apheresis Services (TAS) 

  • Waste patient cell exchange service 

Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI) and Reagents 

  • Surplus frozen patient samples, typically 0.5ml – 5ml 

Cellular and Molecular Therapy (CMT)

  • Haemopoietic progenitor cells - apheresis 

Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (H&I)

  • Platelet immunology 
  • Granulocyte immunology 

Tissue and Eye Services

  • Tissue samples
  • Bone products and samples