Southampton centre

Update 2 November 2023

The emergency blood and platelet stock holding area is now open 

The reason for temporarily suspending some services

An inspection of the Southampton centre identified the need for essential renovation work to be completed to one area of the roof.

Our priority is to ensure continuity of blood supply 

Please be assured that we're working hard and considering all options to ensure we continue to supply to hospitals' needs and there is minimal impact on patients. We will share progress and updates as and when available.  

Our commitment to keeping you informed

We're committed to keeping the hospitals we serve from Southampton informed about developments and will publish updates to this page.

If you work in a hospital served by the centre, we recommend you bookmark this page (ask your customer service manager if you're not sure how to do this) so you can revisit the page regularly.


If you have any questions contact your Customer Service Manager or email

We appreciate your continuing patience