Non clinical issue: our services

We can supply donated materials for use in: 

Genetic analysis

We capture consent for non-identifiable genetic analysis as part of our standard donor consent process. 

In vitro diagnostics

Diagnostic laboratories may use blood components to determine normal ranges for diagnostic tests, as normal controls or for the calibration / validation of equipment and processes. 

Education and training   

Material may be used by a bona fide institution and within a recognised course or training programme.

Quality assurance

Material may be used for EQA (External Quality Assurance) schemes and laboratory controls schemes, also for validation and process control. 

Transfusion and transplantation service development

Including blood pack and filter development.

Research and development 

In vitro R&D, which is covered by research ethics (where required) but not for direct transfusion or transplantation into patients. 

Development of medicinal products / medical devices

Assay or test kit development or as an element of commercial products.

Clinical applications 

We review requests for clinical spec material for clinical research or development use. These will be supplied under a clinical material transfer agreement. 

Bespoke components on request

We welcome working in partnership with external organisations to produce specific components on request.