How to apply

New customers - read the Mutual Transfer Agreement (MTA) first. If you are an existing customer and already have a MTA, please review it before submittng an application

It is important if you are a new customer you read our template MTA contract (PDF 315KB) before applying for an account and submitting your application, because it acts as the Terms and Conditions (of the final contract) to ensure products are used as mutally agreed between your organisation and NHSBT.

If you are an existing customer please review your contract before submitting your application, to ensure your application is within the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about the MTA please email

Completing your application

  • Please ensure your application form is legible; preferably, typed

  • We require approximately six to eight weeks after receiving your application form to set up your account, if your request is a standard one, non-standard requests may take longer

  • We are under no obligation to approve any requests for donated materials and reserve the right to reject any application

Non-approved use of donated material 

Our supply chain does not permit the issue of donated material for therapeutic application (we can review requests of this type and establish clinical supply chains) for use as a tissue culture medium supplement.

Restrictions - animal model or donor identifiable genetic analysis

We cannot approve these applications, if you would like information please email


  • All applications are treated as commercial in confidence

  • All information relating to NHSBT, including but not limited to information about people, processes, cost recovery, products, services and facilities, must be treated as confidential by applicants

Increasing transparency in research

  • We are working towards increasing transparency in research and may begin to publish lay summaries of the studies we support