Updated O D Negative red cells guidance published

Please review and accept the guidance into your hospital practice.

The National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) has published updated guidance regarding the use of O D negative red cells. Please review and accept the guidance into your hospital practice.

Demand for O D negative red cells increased by 2.7% over the last year, whilst overall red cell demand decreased by 5.8%. O D negative accounts for 13.3% of red cell demand with issues at 14.5%. The difference between demand and issues is widening as a result of the challenges in the supply of Ro blood for specific patient groups.

To support supply and availability of O D negative red cells please consider all the key points from the NBTC guidance, particularly the following, and change practice, if required.

  • Review your stock levels aiming for O D negative stocks as a percentage of total red cell stock of 12.5% or less
  • Aim for minimal wastage of O D negative red cells of at least less than 4% of total O D negative stock.
  • For emergency use, consider stocking O D negative units for use in women and O D positive/K+ units for males and women ≥50 years old. Prioritise usage of O D negative K- units for women < 50 years old. Risk assess usage of O D positive blood for male patients and women ≥50 in pre-hospital care
  • Where hospital specialism allows, aim to keep 10% to 20% of O D negative blood as K+ to support stability of the supply chain for O D negative K- red cells.

If you would like further information or support, please contact your Patient Blood Management Practitioner or Customer Service Manager.

Chris Philips - Head of Hospital Customer Service