Transfusion Laboratory Managers rate their satisfaction with us

Our customer satisfaction results for October to March 2020 - 2021

24 June 2021

A huge thank you to...

... the Transfusion Laboratory Managers who replied to our survey and for taking time to offer comments and ideas which really do help us improve.

High levels of satisfaction

There are high levels of satisfaction across our services to hospital transfusion laboratories, specifically on:

Order fulfilment

Our customers reported high standards of service, good availability of components and noted the good relationship with staff.


Our work on improving routine deliveries has been seen and our customers appreciate NHSBT drivers.

Our routine delivery project will continue to spread across our centres until all rounds have been reviewed. We are working with FedEx to ensure the deliveries they do for us are to a high standard and offer the NHS good value for money


There is ongoing improvement in satisfaction with RCI’s overall service. H&I continued to offer a very good service to transfusion labs.

Customer support 

Our Customer Service Managers are seen in high regard and we’ve seen an marked increased level of satisfaction when you contact our clinicians. 

NHSBT overall

There is continuing high level of satisfaction. There’s an interest in greater electronic links between NHSBT and hospital laboratory information systems.

New centre at Barnsley

The move to our new centre at Barnsley went well and effective customer engagement was acknowledged.

Results of this survey 

Read the survey results in detail 

Next survey 

This will be in September 2021 and I ask all TLMs to complete it. Our Customer Service Managers need to know what’s going well and where improvement is needed so they can continue to support hospitals effectively.

Chris Philips, Head of Customer Services