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The HEV tick box will be disabled on OBOS by 27 January 2020

It is no longer needed

All components manufactured from UK donations are now tested for HEV; we are therefore, disabling the HEV tick box within OBOS.

As we transition to UK plasma self-sufficiency, we will be adjusting our IT systems, particularly in relation to HEV testing results, so we can continue to process your OBOS orders and EDN files.

Please note:

  • EDN files will still transmit HEV testing results so no changes to your LIMS are required.
  • We will remove the HEV negative requirement from active standing orders on 26 January 2020.
  • Do not reactivate any old standing orders which have ended before 26 January 2020

If you have any queries, please contact your Hospital Customer Services Manager

Craig Wilkes - Lead Specialist, Process Improvement, Commercial & Customer Service