Record-breaking number of page views on this website

We're obviously doing something right but we can do more...

26 November 2020

Editorial note: the feedback page no longer exists. However please email with your suggestions. Thank you.


Good to see you! 

It's satisfying to know that the number of page views on this website, as our statistics show us, are continually increasing. However over the last two months there has consistently been over 3000 page views on the site each week, and that, is a new record for site. 

We need your feedback

We are constantly working on this site to improve it, making sure the information is current, accurate, and easy for you to find; but we still want, in fact, need, to hear from people like yourself, who come to this site for information so you can do your job. 

Tell us how to make the site better for you

There is a simple, feedback form you can use, it's at the bottom of every page, including this one. Please use it to tell us:

  • if you can't find something on the site 
  • if you'd like to see some content on the site 
  • have ideas how we can improve the site for you
  • anything else 

There's no need to include your details, you can remain anonymous if you prefer. Otherwise just include your email address so we can get back to you. 

Christine Roberts - Website Development Manager, Hospital Customer Services