Quality issues with Donation Identification Number (DIN) barcode labels

We are working with the supplier to rectify these as soon as possible

28 September 2021

30 September 
Correction: d
o not use 'MIS' the code, please use DAR, DAP, DAF, DAC where appropriate and ‘labelling / barcode error’

While the labels from our new supplier (following the unexpected closure of the key supplier) passed validation and acceptance testing, there are now quality issues.

If you receive a component with a barcode which is significantly marked or deteriorated, and cannot be entered into your LIMS, you should complete a credit request form using the 'MIS' (miscellaneous) code and a complaint form. Please send a photograph where possible.

To minimise disruption to you while we're working to resolve the issues, we are reverting to some labels with the year 2020 within the DIN number range. This will not impact on the traceability of the unit.

Jane Davies - Assistant Head of Manufacturing Development, Technical and Scientific Development