Prioritising testing within RCI

27 May 2021

When discussing your referral with RCI, we will ask several questions based on a standard form, which enables us to gather consistent information about each referral. Increased numbers of patient samples referred to RCI, particularly urgent investigations, intensifies the need to ensure we have all the appropriate information to assist in triage and prioritisation of cases and also aids us in the transfer of referrals from the standard day into the on-call period appropriately.

It also helps us to provide the most appropriate advice for you to manage your patient based upon clinical urgency, as well as prioritise testing, ensuring that the correct investigation is carried out, and advising on or providing blood of the correct specification. 

Questions include gaining details of the patient’s clinical condition, transfusion history and results of investigations already completed. 

Please do not interpret this questioning as staff being unhelpful and reluctant to undertake urgent investigations. 

Please ensure sample package is labelled with the RCI address label, as this will prevent samples being incorrectly stored or forwarded to the wrong department.

Mohammed Rashid - Customer Service Manager, on behalf of RCI