Patient information leaflet availability: Anti-D prophylaxis guidance

Update on these leaflets

These leaflets are based on current BSH guidance, but do not reflect the new NICE guidance [NG126] for the management of women experiencing an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

Protecting women and babies with anti-D Immunoglobulin

This leaflet is being reviewed and is currently unavailable. 

Blood groups and red cell antibodies in pregnancy

This leaflet remains available online as there is additional information regarding the significance of red cell antibodies in pregnancy.

This caveat has been added to the website to reflect NICE guidance "This NHSBT leaflet follows the existing British Society for Haematology guidance. Please note that NICE guidelines; Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage [NG126] April 2019], give different advice regarding prophylactic anti-D for management of miscarriage and threatened miscarriage and Abortion Care [NG140 September 2019] give different advice for medical termination of pregnancy."

PBM patient information leaflets

Anne Davidson, Education Lead: Patient Blood Management Practitioner Team