Online Blood Ordering System (OBOS): version 8.3.0 release on 27 October 2019 to the live system

Details of updates in this release

The release to the training system will take place on 10 October.

It is highly recommended that you clear your cache following a new version release to ensure you are using the latest settings; contact your local IT department if you need help clearing the cache.

The updates are:

24 hours' notice required when ordering HLA / HPA selected platelets

In order to select the best matched platelets for your patients our H&I department require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for routine, ad hoc and collect orders. If an order is placed with less than this, OBOS will flag there is insufficient time, and the user will need to change the day / time before the order can be placed.

For orders with less than 24 hours’ notice please telephone your platelet desk to discuss.

  • Colindale 020 895 72814
  • Sheffield 0114 358 4806

Emergency orders will not change. Please contact your Hospital Services department when placing an emergency order.

Unused accounts will be automatically deactivated after 9 months

The accounts will not be deleted and can be reactivated. Users will receive a reminder to log in to activate their account 28 days before being deactivated.

The release notes, training presentation and practice orders will be published on the OBOS web page.

If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Service Manager or email

Craig Wilkes - Regional Customer Service Manager, South West