Improved availability of pooled group O+ granulocytes from 14 September

They will be manufactured 6 days a week


We are trialling producing a limited quantity on Mondays so they are available 6 days per week, instead of 5. 

This is a 12 month trial, following feedback from clinicians (who use granulocytes) and transfusion laboratory managers, to assess the demand from hospitals, and the increased operational and blood donor activity, to produce for an additional day. 

To help us meet your order please continue to give 24 hours’ notice where possible and request as early in the day as you can. If you need granulocytes at shorter notice we will check what units may be available. 

If you are considering transfusing, please contact the NHSBT consultant on call at the earliest opportunity to discuss the patient’s requirements, so we can provide what’s needed as soon as possible. 

Around bank holidays we produce granulocytes whenever we can, but we can't guarantee them and can only confirm availability on a case by case basis.  

Chris Philips, Head of Customer Service