Importing low-risk vCJD risk plasma from Poland

26 February 2019

To ensure sufficiency of supply of MB FFP and MB Cryoprecipitate, we have secured an agreement to import low-risk vCJD plasma from Poland.

Following successful validation, the first consignments of this new supply were received towards the end of 2018 and have now entered our routine supply.  We have made appropriate labelling changes so there is no additional action needed by you to book these units into your LIMS. 

As per the advice in our component portfolio, small numbers of Group AB MB cryoprecipitate may be available on request, but this item is not routinely stocked.

We appreciate your understanding of the challenges presented in the supply of plasma components for patients born on or after 1 January 1996, and for your ongoing support in helping us to maintain sufficient stocks to meet patient demand.

Alastair Hunter, Frozen Component Manager