Changes to platelets in platelet additive solution, washed

SSP is being replaced by InterSol supplied by Fresenius Kabi

29 October 2020

We manufacture washed platelets in additive solution using SSP manufactured by Macopharma. They are planning to stop producing SSP, so we will be using InterSol supplied by Fresenius Kabi, instead.

InterSol is used internationally as a storage solution for platelet concentrates providing an appropriate environment and nutrients for platelets. The Component Development Laboratory have validated it for this use and consider it a suitable alternative.

NHSBT Filton will pilot this change week commencing 23 November. A full roll-out of the new InterSol suspension medium across our sites will be implemented throughout December, with full roll-out achieved by January 2021. 

Visually the product will not change and the product codes will remain the same.

Lucy Frith - Process Improvement Manager, Commercial and Customer Services