Changes for requesting credits for blood components from 3 August

What changes have been made and why

The changes to FRM5219 are:

  • A new column 'CSM (customer services manager) informed'. Complete this column.
    Where you have made your CSM aware of the claim we will determine if the claim should be escalated as a complaint
  • New credit code 'EMG' for emergency delivery transport costs
  • The credit code for wrong component issued 'WRI' has been removed
  • The credit code for damaged platelets 'CRP' is replaced with 'DAP'
  • Selecting a reason (from a drop-down list) for request is mandatory

It is essential you select the most appropriate code and reason for your claim, so we've updated the user guide with examples when to use each code. 

Please scan, where possible, your component barcode labels electronically; this reduces the risk of your request being rejected because you've manually entered a wrong component code. 

These are just some of the changes we've made. There are others. Please read our updated user guide for full information.

We've made these changes because they mean it's easier for us to monitor your requests for credits, we can then respond quickly to any areas of concern, improving our service to customers. 

Rhian Edwards, Customer Service Manager