Change to OBOS wording from 'Platelets in PAS' to 'Platelets in PAS (washed)'

From 16 July 2019

In response to customer feedback, we are changing the wording on OBOS for the component, Platelets Apheresis in Additive Solution – selected on OBOS using ‘Platelets in PAS’.  This component is a specialist 24 hour shelf life component that requires consultant approval and is commonly referred to as ‘washed platelets’ because the majority of plasma is removed. 

This change to OBOS will help to distinguish this specialist component from the standard platelet component (which contains a mixture of plasma and platelet additive solution). 

We are updating the OBOS wording to mitigate against any delay to transfusion that could be caused by inadvertently ordering the wrong component. 

From 16 July 2019, the future OBOS wording will be: ‘Platelets in PAS (washed)’ and ‘Platelets in PAS Irradiated (washed)’

The standard platelet component will remain on OBOS simply as: ‘Platelets’ or ‘Platelets Irradiated’.

We will compliment this change with an update to the component portfolio to include common terminology ‘washed platelets’ in the additional information section for this component (pages 23-24).

We hope this change will serve to add clarity. Please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Services manager if you have any further feedback on this change. 

Michelle Ray - Lead Specialist