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28 January 2021

LearnBloodTransfusion updated to remove unsupported Flash content

Official support for Adobe Flash software withdrawn on 31 December 2020

28 January 2021

Revised neonatal and paediatric bookmarks

Revised in line with the BSH Guidelines

28 January 2021

Cancelled face to face practical training / Under the Microscope: Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science course

Changes following the announcement of the latest national lockdown

28 January 2021

Transfusion aide memoire: essentials for bedside transfusions for health care professionals

From the NBTC Emergency Planning Working Group, SHOT and RCPath

19 January 2021

Instructions for referring suspected COVID-19 samples to RCI for testing

A reminder of the instructions sent to hospitals in April 2020

22 December 2020

Handling of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) and Cryoprecipitate

Due to an increase in damaged FFP and Cryoprecipitate, please handle with care.

21 December 2020

Under the Microscope: Specialist Transfusion Science Practitioner course

This course has been redesigned

18 December 2020

Customer satisfaction survey 2020 - 2021 results from the first survey

This is the first survey with hospitals since September 2019 due to COVID-19

18 December 2020

New MSc in Applied Transfusion and Transplantation Science, September 2021

The only postgraduate master's degree in transfusion and transplantation in England

18 December 2020

Updated SaBTO recommendations for patient consent for blood transfusion

New guidance is now available