Therapeutic Apheresis Services (TAS) are committed to supporting education within the field of apheresis. The function has therefore created a number of educational tools to support both our patients and donors, as well as our clinical colleagues.

It is the aim of the TAS function to continue to develop our educational material portfolio.

Print resources

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Automated Red Blood Cell Exchange treatment for the prevention of crisis and complications relating to Sickle Cell Disease leaflet

Extracorporeal Photopheresis Therapy leaflet

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for the treatment of Neurological conditions flyer

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for Neurology Patients booklet

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for the treatment of Neurological Conditions leaflet

Venous Access Considerations for Apheresis Procedures booklet

Best Practice Guide: Peripheral Venous Access in Apheresis for Adults

Decision making tool for type and size of central vascular access device for apheresis procedures

Online resources

Anticoagulant E-learning module

This is a short for health professionals who perform apheresis procedures such as peripheral blood stem cell collection, plasma exchange, red cell exchange and donor apheresis. It contains learning exercises that cover the use of anticoagulants commonly used in apheresis; the rationale for their use, mode of action, recognition and management of side effects.  You can register to access the e-learning for free.

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Custom priming the Terumo Spectra Optia® 

This short video shares the key points that you need to consider when performing a custom prime. It is a quick visual guide to support you in your clinical practice. It should be used in conjunction with your organisation's policies and procedures and the Terumo BCT operator manual.

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Video with subtitles

Consent for transfusion

This short video covers the key points to consider when obtaining valid consent for the transfusion of blood components.

It should be used in conjunction with your organisation's policies and the BSCH standards for the administration of blood components

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Video with subtitles 

White cell depletion

This short video provides some key points to assist you in preparing and programming the Terumo Spectra Optia® to perfom a white cell depletion.

It should be used in conjunction with your organisation's policies and procedures and Terumo BCT operator manuals.

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Video with subtitles

Patient information leaflets

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Collection (PBSC)

Plasma Exchange procedure

Red Cell Exchange procedure

Extra Corporeal Photopheresis (ECP)

Donor information leaflet

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Collection (PBSC)

Presentations from the National Conference for Apheresis Practitioners 2017, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Paediatric considerations in Apheresis & a new collaboration - Nancy O'Brien & Ailish Barry

Venous access in Apheresis - Daniel Putensen

How we do a RBCX - Bridget Hughes

How we induct our Apheresis nurses - Christine Hood

TTP - The Treatment Pathway - Dr Marie Scully

SHOT - Adverse events in transfusion - Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs

Troubleshooting the Optia - Jennifer Armstrong

Indications for blood components - Sasha Wilson

Service / Clinical Audits

TAS completes regular and ad-hoc audits to ensure we are in-line with internal and external guidelines and to help continually improve our practice. A summary of audits can be found on Service reviews.

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