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The Patient Blood Management Team provide resources, support and information to promote the appropriate use of blood components and their alternatives, across England.

2019 December includes:

PBM Survey 2018 key findings

Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS)


Meet the team

2019 August includes:

Recent Events

O D negative red cell survey (2018)


PBM - Single Unit Pilot Project 

Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS)

Choosing Wisely UK


PBM - Publications

National Comparative Audit (NCA) Programme

Other News

Meet the team

2018 October includes:


Blood Stocks Management Scheme (BSMS)

Platelet Infographics

PBM - Whats the evidence?

NICE Blood Transfusion (QS138) Quality Standard

National Comparative Audit (NCA) of Blood Transfusion

Meet the team

2018 January includes:

PBM – What’s the Evidence?

Best practice in the authorisation of platelet transfusions

Stock management of O D neg red cells

Education and patient information update

Summary of the National Comparative Audit (NCA) of Patient Blood Management in adults undergoing elective, scheduled surgery

Summary of the NCA Audit of red cell transfusion in hospices


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2017 June includes:

Blood Components App

PBM Survey results in 3.5 minutes

Paediatric and Neonatal PBM Practice

National Comparative Audit (NCA) of Blood Transfusion

Haematological Management of Major Haemorrhage

PBM - What's the Evidence?


Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

Fetal RHD screening test - putting NICE guidance into practice

Meet the team

2017 January includes: 

Save One O D Neg a week campaign

Blood Transfusion NICE Quality Standard

Choosing Wisely UK campaign

Education - New Indication codes for transfusion App, Leadership in Transfusion and Paediatric and Neonatal Transfusion events 

Key Messages from the British Society of Haematology Guidelines on Transfusion for Fetuses, Neonates and Older Children

PBM – What’s the Evidence?

Serious Hazards of Transfusion - Annual Symposium 2017

Hospital Highlight Report

Meet the team

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