Ordering HLA selected components

How to request during core hours

Core hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

New requests 

First, telephone the H&I laboratory, and discuss your request.

The lab will email an order form (FRM 558) for you to complete and return by email (do not fax) to the lab, during core hours.

Second and subsequent requests

For named patients who have previously received HLA selected platelets, please order using OBOS.

Order in advance for planned procedures (either new or subsequent requests)

To ensure the best matched component is provided for patients, order Monday to Friday, and at least 24 hours (reference page 18 in the Component Portfolio) in advance of the required delivery time. 

Providing 24 hours notice means we can:

  • Select the best available HLA selected platelets from stock held anywhere in the country
  • Transport the component to hospitals on routine deliveries, keeping cost to a minimum

Providing less than 24 hours notice may result in:

  • A less well-matched unit for the patient, because it is from local stock, and may incur an ad-hoc delivery charge 

How to request second and subsequent orders when OBOS is not available 

Please use our order form (PDF132KB) and refer to the instructions (PDF 583KB) for completing the form.

During core working hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) email (do not fax) the form to H&I and follow up with a telephone call to confirm we have received it. 

Outside core hours, please fax the form (do not email) to Hospital Services and follow up with a telephone call to confirm we have received it.

How to make emergency requests outside of core hours

Outside of core hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 6pm to 8am
  • Weekends/Bank Holidays: 8am to 8am

During the hours of 6pm - 11pm: All HLA orders will be processed through the on-call scientist.

During the hours of 11pm – 8am: Orders MUST be followed up by a call from the Hospital clinical team to H&I Consultant Clinical Scientist via local hospital services. In an emergency finding a suitable unit for patients from local stock may not be possible. The Consultant Clinical Scientist will assess the situation and decide if selected platelets can be provided in a timely way. In this situation the Consultant will provide clinical advice in discussion with the treating clinician.

We try to provide the best matched unit for the patient from local stock, however finding a suitably matched unit at short notice may not always be possible: selecting and providing units is likely to take a minimum of 6 hours and may take longer.

We will try to get your order to you as soon as possible, but ask you allow a minimum of 8 hours for delivery.

Order using OBOS and follow up with telephone call to Hospital Services to confirm the order.


HLAMatchedPlatelets@nhsbt.nhs.uk or NHSBT.Plateletdesk@nhs.net
Telephone: 020 895 72814
Fax: 020 895 72973

HLA selected platelet service

Comprehensive information about our HLA selected platelet service (PDF 4551KB)

Use our poster for guidance

Download our poster (PDF 416KB) for guidance on ordering HLA selected platelets