Updated Component Portfolio

Effective from 23 November 2022

24 November 2022

The latest version of the portfolio is now published in the Components section of this website.

Changes in this version are:

  • Paediatric references removed from fetal and neonatal components 
  • Non-UK MB treated fetal and neonatal components moved to appendix 8
  • New neonatal platelet component specification (replaces previous specifications) 
  • New UK sourced plasma and cryoprecipitate specifications 
  • Granulocyte specifications now refer to INF276
  • Updates to platelet component guidance for use
  • Addition of LIMs code table in appendix 9
  • L551 and L552 Fresh Frozen Plasma product codes removed
  • Removed reference to pathogen inactivated platelets from component development 
  • Removed reference to Red Cells in CPD from non-routine components
  • Included reference to the EBMT Handbook webpage
  • Included Convalescent Plasma components in appendix 5
  • Cryoprecipitate LD (singles) removed 
  • Updated document format to include hyperlinked headers, contents, and index 
  • RhD has been updated to D throughout the document
  • QM figures have been updated throughout the document
  • Specification sheets - removed edition of the Red Book in preparation for digital format 
  • Move from SSP to InterSol washed platelets 
  • Change to production lead time of washed platelets

Chris Philips - Head of Hospital Customer Services