The solution to ensure correct levels of Factor XI (FXI) in Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

is being tested to ensure efficacy

30 May 2024

Following on from the communication sent to hospitals on 24 May 2023, regarding lower than expected levels of FXI in our FFP, we can now provide an update.  The manufacturer has identified the cause and designed a solution, which is undergoing testing to confirm its efficacy.  

We have made interim changes to improve the levels in FFP, collected via the known compromised route, and 95% of FFP collected contain the expected levels of FXI. 

We expect the testing to be completed by early Autumn this year and will provide an update when this issue is resolved. 

If you have any technical questions about the component, please contact your Customer Service Manager. If you have any clinical queries, please contact your Haematology Consultant.

Lise Estcourt - Medical Director for Transfusion