Processing and transport times for non-stock, special components including urgent requests

Please consider these when you place an order

25 January 2023

We would like to remind you of the processing times (PDF 204KB) and ask you to refer to them; the timings allow for any additional steps, for example, washing, which may be required.

You will also need to factor in the transport time as these components may be sourced from a location other than your local stock holding unit, which could be some distance away from your hospital.

From the Portfolio of Blood Components and Guidance for their Clinical Use:

"Special components often need to be sourced from a location other than the stock holding unit that routinely serves your hospital, which may lead to a delay. Secondary processing may also be necessary to enable us to fulfil your ordering requirement, also leading to a delay."

Please telephone your Hospital Services department for the delivery time if you require a specialist product urgently.

Rebecca Braund - Lead Specialist Technical and Scientific Development, Manufacturing