Please update your operational documentation following changes to the validated journey times for short journey transport containers

25 November 2021

1 December correction: the original and new transit time for frozen components is 11 hours


A periodic re-validation of our containers that are used by hospitals determined there are changes in validated transit times. This means you will need to update your operational documentation.


 Original transit time

 New transit time


Red Cells



 Less 1.5 hour




 Less 1 hour




 No change

Read our updated information: capacity and time limitations for temperature control; the user guide.

Accessible version of content in table:

The transit time for red cells was 7 hours, this is now 5.5, so less 1.5 hours; the time for platelets was 8 hours, this is now 7 hours, so 1 hour less; frozen components was 10 hours, remains at 10 hours, so no change to the transit time.

Tony Noyce - Hospital Services Lead specialist, Technical and Scientific Development