New ‘Crossmatch Report’

From 24 May 2022

29 April 2022

Our new report improves the quality of the information provided with cross matched units and eliminates the need for manual free text entry of comments by RCI onto the delivery note. The report provides details available at the time the units are issued.

The report's format is consistent with the current RCI reference report and shows all patient demographics as provided by you on the referral form.

It also includes: 

  • Date the sample was taken
  • Date the sample was received by NHSBT
  • NHSBT number
  • Hospital sample identification number
  • Patient ABO and RHD group
  • RhK - if performed on the current sample
  • Antibody table - including identified antibodies confirmed at the point of crossmatch.
  • Indication of the compatibility / suitability of the units for the patient
  • Crossmatch table - this includes: 

- donation number

- product code

- product code description

- confirmed negative (-) and historical negative (N) antigen types for the donations issued

There is a caveat above the table stating that the donation antigen types may exceed those required by the patient. 

There is no transfusion advice line, this remains on the final, validated RCI reference report. 

A banner in the middle of the report identifies it is a crossmatch report, and that a final report will follow, see: 

The final report contains the table showing issued donations, including the date and time of issue.

Final RCI crossmatch report from 24 May 2022

If you require any further information please email and I will respond as soon as possible.

Donna Hodson - National IT Projects Manager RCI, Red Cell Immunohaematology