20th Anniversary of the Systematic Review Initiative (SRI), 2002 - 2022

Future, present and past

24 November 2022

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the SRI, a clinical research team based in the Oxford centre of NHS Blood and Transplant.

Future work

Over the next two years, SRI projects are to: 

  • continue to build our relationship with the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)
  • review our priority areas by updating our James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership exercise
  • build a website to publicise our activities
  • improve our engagement with those interested in the practice of transfusion medicine 

Our work  

For the latest news you can follow the team on Twitter:

We have published:

  • over 250 papers in scientific journals
  • provided the evidence to support the development of over 125 national and international guidelines

We have hosted:

  • 16 clinical fellows

We have supported: 

  • over 100 clinicians and researchers to undertake our systematic reviews

The team

Lise Estcourt directs a team of: 

  • three systematic reviewers
  • three information specialists
  • three principal investigators
  • one manager

Establishing the SRI

December 1998

Following a call by the NHS Executive in their Health Service Circular ‘Better Blood Transfusion’ the SRI was created to develop the evidence base in the field of blood transfusion.


Professors Mike Murphy and David Roberts (NHS Blood and Transplant) and Dr Brian McClelland (Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service) with funding from the four UK Blood Services established the SRI. In October 2002 a clinical research fellow and a junior systematic reviewer were appointed, and with support from experienced researchers, began to explore how to address the SRI’s objective of increasing the evidence base for the practice of transfusion medicine. We began by undertaking and publishing systematic reviews.


The development of our evidence libraries started. 

Lise Estcourt - Associate Medical Director Research, Development and Quality Improvement - Transfusion