2022 National Comparative Audit of Blood Sample Collection and Labelling

We're pleased to invite you to register now

29 July 2022

Currently over 50% of Trusts have signed up, but if you haven't, go to your Trust or hospital homepage on nhsbtaudits.co.uk or email paul.davies@nhsbt.nhs.uk with details of up to four contacts. 

The audit is a repeat of 2012's and has three stages, which are: 

1. Organisational / scoping data collection 
Many sites are now able to access the information we need electronically and we hope to identify Trusts which will not need to do manual data collection for the second stage.  

2. Audit / data collection for rejecting mis-labelled samples (September 2022)

The data will be used to write a national report.

3. Improvement facilitation
We're aiming to facilitate a targeted improvement process at selected sites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 07385 387918 or email paul.davies@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Paul Davies - Senior Clinical Audit Facilitator, National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion