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Learnbloodtransfusion Phlebotomist & Porter Pathways

e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) at learnbloodtransfusion. For more information, please contact your hospital transfusion team or.

Neonatal Alloimmune Neutropenia (NAIN)

More information. If you have questions about this leaflet or there are things that worry you, please ask your doctor or midwife. Data protection. To run our service  ...

Issue 19 Spring 2006

donors are more limited. Although those who successfully reach the donor couch have real rights on a par with those of patients, the rights of those who.

Issue 21 Spring 2006

Apr 19, 2007 ... more and more critical – as red cell use has declined, platelet use has continued to increase with several implications for the blood services in ...


Page 1. INFORMATION INF125/2. Effective: 03/01/12. Instructions for Use – Screening Cells in CellStab. (Template Version 01/04). Author(s): Dawn Wilcox ...

Written Consent for Transfusion

It is feasible in hospital practice and achieves a more robust documentation or evidence trail. Puts patients at the heart of decisions made about transfusion.

Newcastle - Summary

Pragmatic approach for the non-specialist unfortunatley the start of the subject was a bit confusing but overall good might have been more interesting if had copy ...

How to Select an Audit Sample

sampling method to make your audit more manageable. Diagram adapted from Dixon, N & Pearce, M: Clinical Audit Manual, Healthcare Quality Quest. (2008).

Platelet transfusion: principles, risks, alternatives and best practice

For more information see: platelet_education_resources. Platelet transfusion: principles, risks, alternatives and best practice.

The Update August 2016

Aug 1, 2016 ... A one week course to provide theoretical and practical information relating to more complex aspects of transfusion science. The course is ...