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Service reviews

Sheffield2Therapeutic Apheresis Services (TAS) strives to improve patient care and service provision to NHS Trusts. In order to achieve this, service user and patient experience surveys are conducted on an annual basis and the results are analysed to inform operational and strategic planning.

Compliments and complaints

We value feedback from our patients, donors and service users. If you would like to send us your feedback please download our compliments and complaints policy.

Patient Experience Survey

Results from the surveys conducted to date have been extremely positive with top box scores (scores of 9 or 10 out of 10) of between 95% and 100%. The qualitative data is also accompanied by numerous favourable comments, such as:

"Always very polite, kind and caring over the past several years"

"Made to feel very welcome with all the staff lovely cup of coffee or tea no worries at all"

"Yes as always I came with my children today and they were very welcome"



User Satisfaction Survey

Over a four-week period in February/March 2018, a User Satisfaction Survey (USS) was sent to all hospital clinicians who had requested support from TAS.

A total of 353 surveys were issued and 115 returned, giving an overall response rate of 33%.

Feedback from the survey was assessed using top box scores (the percentage of answers scoring 9 or 10 out of 10) and average scoring methods as in previous surveys.

The top box score for overall satisfaction in 2018 is 74%, which is the highest score for overall satisfaction received since the commencement of the annual satisfaction survey in 2012.

Overall feedback is very positive, indicating a higher level of satisfaction from TAS users and the areas identified in the 2017 USS as requiring improvement all seeing an improved score.

It is essential that TAS listen to our users, and therefore the report includes a list of recommendations which aim to improve user experience and satisfaction.



End of Year Review

At the end of each financial year TAS completes a review of its key achievements and priorities for the year ahead. 

Key headlines from 2017/18 report

  • Record number of patients treated
    This year we treated almost 1,500 patients across a widening geographical area, making treatments possible and easier for even more patients.
  • Improved patient access to Automated Red Cell Exchange services
    Over the last twelve months we have seen a 51% increase in demand for Automated Red Cell Exchange (RCE). Expansion of our services in London and Birmingham have led to the provision of treatment for 160 patients.
  • NHSBT named as Paediatric Provider for ECP services in London
    Working in collaboration with NHS England, TAS is now the service provider for Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP) for Paediatrics within London.
  • 97% patient satisfaction score
    In November 2017, after seeking the views of our patients (or their carer/relative) our survey reported 97% Top Box score for overall satisfaction.
  • 74% user satisfaction score
    Hospital clinicians using TAS services for their patients gave a 74% Top Box score for overall satisfaction in a survey performed in February 2018.
  • 90% staff satisfaction with job role score
    Staff working in our national team scored 90% for satisfaction with their job roles in an internal staff satisfaction survey.
  • Successful regulatory inspections
    Leeds and Oxford TAS units were successfully inspected by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and a joint accreditation inspection by JACIE with Great Ormond Street Hospital went extremely well.
  • Establishment of a new regional collection centre for allogeneic stem cell donors
    TAS Oxford, in collaboration with Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, established a new regional collection centre for the British Bone Marrow Registry (BBMR).



Service/Clinical Audits

TAS completes regular and ad-hoc audits to ensure we are in-line with internal and external guidelines and to help continually improve our practice. A summary of recent audits can be found below:


If you have questions regarding our service reviews or would like copies of historical reports, please contact the TAS Administration Team at therapeuticapheresisservices@nhsbt.nhs.uk