Quality assurance

NHSBT Stem Cell Services are committed to a philosophy of total quality management. This means that all work is carried out according to good laboratory practice (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP). Techniques and procedures are validated, described in standard operating procedures, and conducted by staff whose proficiency is monitored regularly.

NHSBT quality assurance experts regularly audit laboratory procedures against a range of regulations and guidelines. These include:

All laboratories participate in NEQAS schemes and where appropriate in international workshops. The laboratories are working continuously to improve quality and effectiveness. Best practice is formulated with the support of a Stem Cell Strategy Group. 

We welcome comments or suggestions in the services it provides - by email to cmt@nhsbt.nhs.uk by arrangement, prospective and existing service users are always welcome to inspect or audit the stem cell laboratories, clinics and offices.

Quality Support to Hospitals

Our quality assurance staff are always pleased to share their expertise with colleagues in the wider NHS. This might include informal auditing of local quality systems, advice on compliance with regulations or guidance on the design of GMP facilities. Contact your NHSBT SCI laboratory to discuss further.


Complaints may be addressed to the relevant Laboratory Head in the first instance. Complaints will then be logged, investigated and resolved via the NHSBT Customer Contact System. We strive always to provide a satisfactory response to any complainant. However complainants who are unhappy with the outcome of a complaint may contact the Head of Cellular and Molecular Therapies (CMT) using the email address cmt@nhsbt.nhs.uk