Promoting Informed Consent

A summary of current resources and guidance available for healthcare staff, patients and public to support shared decision making and informed consent.

Promoting informed consent (PDF 2,077KB)

Blood Essentials - new transfusion education and reference tool, April 2024

Blood Essentials (PDF 13MB) supports Transfusion Practitioners (TPs) to establish their knowledge base, and assists TPs and healthcare professionals involved in blood transfusion.

It supersedes A Drop of Knowledge and A Wealth of Knowledge.

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New - Transfusion Training Hub

This hub is specifically designed to support education and training for all healthcare professionals working within Blood Transfusion.

Transfusion Training Hub

Transfusing safely: procedures and essential checks 

Blood components administration – this resource has been archived. Please see Blood Essentials (PDF 13MB)

Do we know who you are? poster for patients

Do we know who you are? screensaver for patients

Do you know who they are? poster for staff

Do you know who they are? screensaver for staff 

NBTC indication codes for transfusion bookmark 

NBTC indication codes for transfusion poster  

Pre-administration, blood component transfusion checking video on YouTube and e-LfH

Taking a blood sample for pre-transfusion compatibility testing - poster 

The pre-transfusion blood sampling process video on YouTube and e-LfH

The strange case of Penny Allison video on YouTube 



An anaemia package providing a straightforward introduction to anaemia with tailored modules for primary and secondary care, available certified and non-certified.

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Maternal anaemia

A 2-part package introducing maternal anaemia and appropriate management (certified and non-certified).

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Blood component use in Major Haemorrhage

There are 3 modules, for clinical and laboratory staff, covering the key aspects of transfusion support in Major Haemorrhage.

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New Blood Transfusion Training (BTT) elearning programme - from October 2022

The Blood Transfusion Training (BTT) elearning programme, developed and maintained by NHSBT, is  available on elearning for healthcare (elfh), the Electronic staff record (ESR) and eIntegrity (search 'blood transfusion' in the learning catalogues). Functionality allowing hosting of the modules on local learning management systems is also available in AICC via elfh and eIntegrity.

The modules are as follows and the comparable learnbloodtransfusion (LBT) modules are also indicated.

  • Essential Transfusion Practice (ETP)- replacing LBT Safe Transfusion Practice (STP) and STP paediatrics
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Consent - replacing LBT Consent for Transfusion
  • SHOT - Insights for Safer Transfusion, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Specific requirements for patients - the essentials
  • Transfusion Reactions - replacing LBT Acute Transfusion Reactions
  • Blood Components - replacing LBT Blood Components and Indications for Use
  • Cell Salvage - replacing LBT learncellsalvage
  • Introduction to Safer Transfusion Laboratory Practice - replacing Safe transfusion practice, laboratory
  • Use of Anti-D Immunoglobulin in Pregnancy

To facilitate the required rapid development of the programme the modules were produced in a text and image format, but the content is current, accurate and maintained. Moving forward, we will be working with our colleagues across the UK and Ireland to rebuild them utilising the full functionality and interactivity the software provides.

The “collection” and “phlebotomy pathways” are not currently available (although the relevant content is included within ETP), but work is already in progress to review the ETP module and develop the following versions and pathways:  

1) Adult full module

2) Paediatric full module

3) Requesting pathway

4) Sampling pathway

5) Collection pathway

6) Patient observation pathway

It is hoped these updated resources will be available early in the 2024/25 financial year.


Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO)

Please refer to the SHOT website for TACO information and data.

Non medical authorisation of blood components

Clinical course 

Non medical authorisation of blood components

The course costs £300 and is for senior nurses and midwives who are working towards making the clinical decision and providing the written instruction for blood component transfusion. 


Clinical Decision-Making and Authorising Blood Component Transfusion: A Framework to Support Non-Medical Healthcare Professionals (PDF 450KB)

Policies and competency documents shared by Regional Transfusion Committees:


- North East & Yorkshire

- Midlands


This poster (please download, not available to order from the distribution hub) has been adapted and tailored to the specific requirements of hospice patients requiring transfusion. Produced in response to the National Comparative Audit of red blood cell transfusion in hospices 2016 and in collaboration with the staff from St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds.

Paediatric and neonatal

Laboratory best transfusion practice for neonates, infants and children bookmark 

Transfusion of blood components for infants and children bookmark 

Transfusion of blood components for neonates bookmark 

Specific requirements

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) negative blood components: information for healthcare professionals factsheet (PDF 325KB) 

Irradiated blood components poster 

Irradiated blood components screensaver 

Irradiated blood factsheet (PDF 289KB)  

Our other resources include:

Cryoprecipitate: information for healthcare professionals factsheet 

Fresh frozen plasma: information for healthcare professionals factsheet 

Is my blood transfusion necessary? poster

PBM toolkit - advice on implementing Patient Blood Management strategies in clinical practice


An explanation of how Tranexamic Acid reduces bleeding on YouTube

BSH administration of blood components on YouTube

Having a blood transfusion on YouTube

Pre-administration blood component transfusion checking on YouTube  and e-LfH

Pre-transfusion blood sampling process on YouTube and e-LfH

Setting up and performing a Manual Red Cell Exchange in Sickle Cell patients (less than 40kg) on YouTube; supporting documentation for patients weighing less than 40kg: Example 1 (Word 64KB) Example 2 (Word 92KB)

Setting up and performing a Manual Red Cell Exchange in Sickle Cell patients (40kg and more) on YouTube; supporting documentation for patients weighing more than 40kg: Example 1(Word 67KB) Example 2 (Word 57KB) 

The strange case of Penny Allison on YouTube


National Blood Transfusion Committee Education

Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

UK Cell Salvage Action Group