Blood group genotype testing

Multi-transfused patients or DAT positive patients

Red cell blood group determination is undertaken in our Red Cell Immunohaematology (RCI) laboratories.

The ability to determine blood type in previously transfused patients, and those with immunoglobulin coated cells is significantly beneficial.

The service is provided from Tooting, Colindale, Birmingham, Barnsley, Filton and Newcastle sites, and is available for referrals from all customers.

This test is determined by RCI and clinical staff as part of the investigation: it cannot be requested and there is no charge for it. Blood grouping results will be reported as phenotype or genotype depending on the method employed.

Blood groups determined by this method are Rh C, c, E, e, Cw, M/N, S/s, K, k, Jka/b, Doa/b, Fya/b

Red cell genotyping from blood, amniotic fluid or chorionic villi

These tests are performed at the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL) Molecular Diagnostics department at Filton. Haemoglobinopathy array requests should be submitted via our RCI laboratories using the 1A RCI test request form