Red cell reagents

All cells are manufactured on a 4 weekly cycle and are CE marked.  Products manufactured in CellStab and CellMedia are barcode labelled to be fully identifiable by the appropriate manufacturers automated technology and are validated for use on these systems.

ABO and Rh control/reverse grouping cells

Cells provided ready to use for reverse grouping and for use as controls:

3% in alsevers -  A1rr (PR012), A2rr (PR022), Brr (PR033), BR1r (PR034) and OR1r (PR044)

0.8% in CellStab -  A1rr (PR014), Brr (PR035) and OR1r (PR045)

0.8% in CellMedia - A1rr (PR015), Brr (PR036) and OR1r (PR046) 


Cells for antibody screening & identification

2-cell screen

Meets the current UK & European guideline requirements; OR1R1 & OR2R2 Cells homozygous for major antigens, Rh, Fy, Jk, MNS

2 cell screen 3% in Alsevers (PR101) 0.8% in CellStab (PR102) 0.8% in CellMedia (PR103)

3 cell screen

As for the 2-cell screen but includes Cw& Kpa antigens, although these are not guideline requirements and an additional Orr cell

3 cell screen 3% in Alsevers (PR121) 0.8% in CellStab (PR122) 0.8% in CellMedia (PR123)

rr screening cells

These are produced especially for use when testing antenatal patients post anti-D Ig injections. These D negative cells contain all the other major antigens with homozygous expression in order to exclude the presence of other significant antibodies. There is an additional subset of an Or’r and Or’’r also available to investigate the presence of anti-C and anti-E respectively.

rr screening cells 0.8% in CellStab (PR106), 0.8% in CellMedia (PR108)

r'r,r''r subset cells 0.8% in CellStab (PR107), 0.8% in CellMedia (PR109)

Antibody identification panels

Two different 10 cell panels, both meeting the requirements of the Guidelines for the Blood Transfusion Services in the UK, available as both enzyme treated and non-enzyme treated.

3% in Alsevers (PR144/PR141)

3% in Alsevers (PR154) enzyme treated

0.8% in CellStab (PR143/PR142) 0.8% in CellMedia (PR163)

0.8% in CellStab (PR153/PR152) enzyme treated 0.8% in CellMedia (PR173) enzyme treated

1.5% in LISP (PR146) 

Titration Cells (PR407)

This product is intended for use in titration studies (e.g. in antenatal samples). The product consists of two selected cells, in CellStab, providing heterozygous expression of: C, c, E, e, M, N, S, s, K, k, Fya, Fyb, Jka and JKb