Products for laboratory QC and QA

Weak antibody controls

We provide a series of weak human antibodies, anti-Fya, anti-c, anti-K, standardised against NHSBT screening cells to give a titre of approximately 4; the traditional weak anti-D (≤0.1 IU/mL) plus AB serum for use as a negative control.

Weak antibody controls – anti -Fya (PN044); anti-c (PN042); anti-K (PN043)

Weak anti-D control (≤0.1 IU/mL PN046)

AB serum (PN061)


IgG coated, antiglobulin test control cells (PR092)

These are available for laboratories using tube IAT.


Whole blood controls (PR051)

These are intended for use in QC of automated systems. 2 samples of 33% cells in human plasma are provided; group A and group B, RhD positive and negative. One sample contains weak anti-D and the other sample contains weak anti-K.


For your internal proficiency exercises why not use IPEx (PN083)?

IPEx (PN083) is available 6 times a year; usually consisting of 3 serum and 3 matching cell samples. The expected results for ABO and Rh typing, antibody screening and identification are emailed to a designated person. To make this a true ‘learning experience’ exercises are accompanied by some ‘CPD’ questions with answers and relevant references.