Products for further investigations

Red cells can be treated with papain and then used to test serum/plasma to enable identification of any alloantibodies. This material is provided frozen in 5mL volumes and has been standardised using the Azo-albumin technique. It is confirmed as fit for use using weak anti-Rh sera by standard serological techniques.

This product is intended to be used in the resolution of complex serological investigations involving IgG autoantibodies. ZZAP is a mixture of cysteine-activated proteolytic papain and dithiothreitol (DTT). It is used to enhance the dissocation of red cell bound IgG by causing IgG molecules to lose their integrity so that the treated red cells can be used for absorptions. It is supplied frozen as a kit containing 0.2M DTT and 1% papain.

Fluorescently labelled antibodies for FMH investigations.

FITC conjugated BRAD 3 (anti-RhD), FITC Conjugated AEVZ 5.3 (isotype matched negative control) and PE conjugated BIRMA 17C (for gating of neutrophil contamination) used for determination and control of tests for Feto-Maternal Haemorrhage.