National Comparative Audit reports

This page lists all the audit and survey reports undertaken by the National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion. They are also published on the pages in this section for specific clinical specialties.


Audit of NICE Quality Standard QS138 (PDF 625KB)


Re-audit of the Medical Use of Red Cells (PDF 549KB)


Audit of the use of Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitate, and Transfusions for Bleeding in Neonates and older Children (PDF 1592KB)

Audit of the Management of Major Haemorrhage


Haematology Audit 2016 Full Report (PDF)

Haematology Audit Key Findings (PDF)


Audit of Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding and the Use of Blood (PDF)

Audit of Patient Blood Management in adults undergoing elective, scheduled surgery (PDF)


National Red Cell Survey (PDF)

Audit of Patient Information & Consent (PDF)


Anti-D Audit Report (PDF)

Patient Blood Management Survey Report (PDF)


Audit of Blood Sample Collection and Labelling (PDF)


Audit of Blood Transfusion in Adult Cardiac Surgery (PDF)

Audit of Use of Blood in Adult Medical Patients Part 1 (PDF)

Audit of Use of Blood in Adult Medical Patients Part 2 (PDF)

Re-audit of bedside transfusion practice (PDF)


Re-audit of the use of platelets in haematology (PDF)

Key findings of the National Comparative Audit of platelet transfusions (PDF)

Re-audit of the use of Group O RhD negative red cells (PDF)

National Comparative Audit of the use of Red Cells in Neonates and Children (PDF)


National Comparative Audit of Blood Collection Audit (PDF)

2008 Bedside transfusion re-audit (PDF)

Audit of the use of Fresh Frozen Plasma (PDF)

Participating hospitals received a summary report of the main findings and a full report which provided more information about FFP transfusion in 3 age groups: < 1 year old; 1-15 years old and >16 years old. The regional presentations were also distributed

Audit of the appropriate use of red cells – a 2 region audit in Midlands and the South West (PDF)

Audit of Overnight Transfusions (PDF)


The UK Comparative audit of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and the use of blood (Dec) (PDF)

-  A short report Transfusion Extract (PDF) was sent to hospitals

Key achievements and next steps (PDF)

The role of blood transfusion in the management of upper and lower intestinal tract bleeding
Authors: S Hearnshaw; S Travis; M F Murphy
Journal: Best Practice & Research in Clinical Gastroenterology
Reference: Vol 22, issue 2, April 2008; 355 - 371

Audit of the use of blood in primary, elective, unilateral total hip replacement (July)
Title: Preoperative anaemia (Letter)
Authors: H Boralessa
Journal: The British Journal of General Practice
Reference: July 2008, Vol 58, 552, p509

National Comparative Audit of the use of platelet transfusions in the UK
Authors: H Qureshi; D Lowe; P Dobson; J Grant-Casey; E Parris; D Dalton; K Hickling; F Waller; C Howell; M F Murphy
Journal: Transfusions Clinique et Biologique
Reference: 2007: 14, (2007) 509-513


Auditing the administration of blood at the bedside 

Changes in practice and organisation surrounding blood transfusion in NHS Trusts in England 2005
Authors: C J C Taylor; M F Murphy; D Lowe; M Pearson;
Journal: Quality & Safety in Healthcare
Reference: 2008;17:233 -243

Promoting safer blood transfusion practice in hospital
Authors: E Parris; J Grant-Casey
Journal: Nursing Standard
Reference: 2008; June 20; vol 21 no 41, 207


Auditing the administration of blood at the bedside