The Learning Delivery team provides knowledge-based training courses in transfusion science and transfusion medicine.

They are delivered by learning delivery staff, senior scientists and clinicians from NHSBT; range from basic to advanced topics and are open to medical and scientific staff and healthcare workers.

We also co-ordinate training for hospital staff in Transfusion Medicine and provide courses for trainees through to haematologists. 

Training is provided in general science (molecular biology, immunology, genetics, statistics and epidemiology) and in these specialities:

  • red cell immunohaematology
  • microbiology
  • stem cell biology
  • components development
  • histocompatibility and immunogenetics 
  • platelet and granulocyte immunology

Scientific, technical and clinical aspects are taught together and integrated where appropriate.

We occasionally offer places on courses or work placements to health care professionals from other countries. 



Telephone: 0117 3227700