Customer Service

Customer Service

Catherine Howell leads the teams who work closely with our customers and healthcare experts to ensure our services are accessible, easy to use and as effective as possible.

Customer Service consists of:

Hospital Customer Service and Patient Blood Management

The teams are led by Chris Philips and Louise Sherliker respectively. They provide customer and technical support, advice, tools and educational material to hospitals on our services and report on customer satisfaction, working closely with the Patients Clinical Team.

Patients Clinical Team

The team is led by Dr Jayne Peters.

Service Improvement Specialists

Our specialists are Lucy Frith and Sue Cotton. They work with hospitals to deliver complex changes and technology to benefit our customers.

Blood Stocks Management

This is a scheme that supports hospitals to optimise component stocks and minimise waste and is led by Sue Cotton.

Frozen Component Portfolio and Non Clinical Components

This team is led by Al Hunter.

Customer Service Managers

Our team of seven managers are based across the UK, supporting 300 hospitals.

Customer Service Support

The support team issue communications, provide a response desk for customer enquiries and access to the online blood ordering system (OBOS) and the LearnBloodTransfusion website.