National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion


2013 Audit of the use of blood in neurocritical care - The national audit report is in preparation

2015 Audit of Patient Blood Management in adults undergoing elective, scheduled surgery - This audit has reported

2015 Audit of lower gastrointestinal bleeding and the use of blood - Data collection closes in December. Report is expected in March 2016

2016 Audit of Red Cell & Platelet transfusion in adult haematology patients - Audit starts on January 4th 2016 


Contact John Grant-Casey or David Dalton for more details.


Annual Reports


Terms of Reference

  • Terms of Reference for the National Comparative Audit Steering Group and Programme Implementation Group


To find out more about the National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion, contact:

John Grant-Casey
National Comparative Audit Project Manager
Telephone: 07720 275388

David Dalton
National Comparative Audit Project Officer
Telephone: 0121 278 8216

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