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HEV patient factsheet

Apr 1, 2016 ... The first signs of infection in those that do, include one or more of the following: • Mild flu-like symptoms. • Extreme tiredness, which can ...


Oct 10, 2016 ... This is more common as we get older. Anaemia due to a problem in the bone marrow, where red cells are made: this can be caused by many ...

Will I need a blood transfusion?

Jun 1, 2016 ... It may take up to four hours to give each bag of blood, but it can be safely given more quickly if needed. You may be given more than one bag of ...

Ovarian Tissue Storage | NHSBT Hospitals and Science

To discuss this service in more detail please contact. Dr Claire Wiggins Head of Steve Mills Stem Cell & Immunotherapy Laboratory NHSBT Southampton

Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) and Cryoprecipitate

are born without one or more of these clotting factors or develop diseases that destroy them in the body. If this is the case, they need to have them replaced by.

How to Select an Audit Sample

sampling method to make your audit more manageable. Diagram adapted from Dixon, N & Pearce, M: Clinical Audit Manual, Healthcare Quality Quest. (2008).

Leeds Transfusion Consent 2014 (2)

It is feasible in hospital practice and achieves a more robust documentation or evidence trail. Puts patients at the heart of decisions made about transfusion.

Issue 21 Spring 2006

Apr 19, 2007 ... Analysis of the use of other components is becoming more and more critical – as red cell use has declined, platelet use has continued to ...

Apheresis Platelets Myth Buster poster

and Organs (SaBTO) NHSBT are working towards 100% universal screening from 1st May 2017. For more information on HEV screened components please ...

The appropriate use of group O RhD negative red cells

It is accepted that certain groups of patients benefit more than others from the use of group O RhD negative red cells. It is important that patients should be ...