Transport Containers

Short journey transport containers (for hospital use)

These provide a delivery option for inter and intra hospital deliveries. They have been validated by NHSBT for red cells and platelets (not frozen components) so there is no need for you to validate. Please contact your Customer Service Manager who will arrange a delivery, including phase change materials (PCM), to your site.

User guide (PDF)


Example risk assessment (WORD)

Example manual handling risk assessment (PDF)

Opening and closing handling instructions (PDF)

Training presentation (PDF)

Cleaning and maintenance (PDF)

Validation report - change control closing report for hospitals to reference (PDF)

How to pack a container; capacity and transportation time limits (PDF)

Labels for hospitals to print (WORD)

Safety data sheets for the PCM:

Sheet 1 (PDF)

Sheet 2 (PDF)

Foam racking order form (EXCEL)

Discard of 'old' clinimed containers with NHSBT logo (PDF)


Containers used by NHSBT for deliveries (not for hospital use)

Capacity and time limitations for temperature control (PDF)